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Sanlam Personal Loans

Sanlam Personal Loans – close to a century of providing financial assistance to South Africans

There are some months where finances are thrown into disarray through no fault of our own. Unexpected expenses often arise at the worst times during the month. Not having enough disposable income at the end of the month may mean that you have to resort to turning to a lending institution for financial assistance. A trusted lender with an outstanding reputation on the industry that offers comprehensive financial solutions is Sanlam.

Established in1918, Sanlam is a reliable and trusted financial services provider which continues to provide quality insurance and credit related products and services. Based in Cape Town, with branches across Africa, Europe, America, Australia and India, Sanlam has close to a century of expertise in the financial services industry.

Sanlam has devised a loan solution tailored to suit individual needs and unique credit profiles. The Personal loan option made available to South African citizens is up to R150 000. This money can be used for home renovations, paying for education costs or even family emergencies. Interest rates are fixed, which benefits clients because repayments remain consistent, throughout the loan term and remain unaffected by fluctuations in the market.

What are the qualification requirements?
You’ll need to be 18 years or older
You must be a South African citizen
You must earn a minimum salary of R2500 per month

You must provide details of a valid bank account into which your salary is paid and from which monthly debit orders can be made

Visit or call 086 108 0888


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