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nedbank home loans application forms

Nedbank Home Loans- transparent and accessible solutions

Nedbank Home Loans- transparent and accessible solutions

Buying a home is an admirable investment. This process is often complicated and stressful as a first-time buyer. With Nedbank Home Loans however, this process is convenient, transparent and easily accessible. Nedbank acknowledges that this is an important milestone and requires a huge commitment. Continue reading

absa home loans application

Absa Home Loans- flexible home buying solutions

Owning a home is a great achievement by any standards. It is a challenge that has been made simpler by Absa, a leading financial service provider in South Africa. Now forming part of the Barclays group, the bank continues to provide convenient services for the South African market. Continue reading

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Blue Financial Service Loans

Blue Financial Service Loans- contributing to Africa’s economic growth through provision of easy credit

When Blue Financial Services was founded in 2001, the financial market was not as saturated as it currently is. Blue ensures that it stays relevant by providing clients with unique solutions to meet their specific financial needs. Continue reading

Absa buy to let home loan – Invest in property

Absa buy to let home loan – This bank is a subsidiary of the Barclay’s Africa Group. Formed a strong foundation of values such as respect, integrity, service, excellence and stewardship, this bank has gone on to be counted among South Africa’s strongest and most reliable financial institutions. Absa also has equity holdings in banks in Mozambique and Tanzania, representative offices in Namibia and Nigeria and other operations in Botswana and Zambia. Absa operations in South Africa are anchored around a range of retail, business, corporate, investment banking and wealth management products and services.
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SA home loans, facilitating affordable housing

The South African population has grown over the last two decades. This population growth has placed a huge responsibility on Government and other cooperating partners to provide housing for all. While great strides have been made in achieving safe decent housing for the population, a great amount of the South African population are still in desperate need of decent shelter. One business entity which has stepped up to make a contribution in this regard is SA home loans.
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Real people loans and home improvement finance

Real People loans – Home ownership provides one of the most secure investment options for individuals and families. Owning a house reduces on the pressure of rentals and also provides peace of mind for many. Home ownership however comes with a responsibility of ensuring that a home is well maintained and its value and habitation ability is kept in check. The burden to secure the necessary finance for such lies on the shoulders of the home owner. This described background is what brought Real People on the scene.
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