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blue loans application

Blue Financial Service Loans

Blue Financial Service Loans- contributing to Africa’s economic growth through provision of easy credit

When Blue Financial Services was founded in 2001, the financial market was not as saturated as it currently is. Blue ensures that it stays relevant by providing clients with unique solutions to meet their specific financial needs. Continue reading

Absa asset finance, ideal rental agreement

Absa bank is one of South Africa’s biggest financial institutions. Living by the motto of today, tomorrow and together, Absa’s business development and existence has been driven by innovation and flexibility by providing products and services which meet the needs of a very diverse clientele.

Using reliable and tested market research techniques, Absa saw the need to introduce a platform for prospective clients who would like the full use of the vehicle or other assets without the hassles of ownership, clients who need to use an expensive vehicle or asset but don’t want to buy it, clients who would like to pay only for the use of the vehicle or other asset, these client needs are what brought the Absa rental agreement on the scene.

By using the Absa rental agreement, a client will get to have full uninterrupted use of the vehicle or asset of choice for an affordable fixed monthly payment, the flexibility of choosing a repayment period of 24, 36, 48, 60 or 72 months, the choice of lower monthly repayments by opting to make a balloon or residual value payment at the end of the rental contract period, VAT is not capitalised in advance but rather paid on every instalment, A risk assessment may require you to pay a deposit upfront at the start of the lease, an initiation fee and a monthly service fee is charged on all new contracts, affordable credit protection plan to settle the outstanding balance in the case of death, disability or retrenchment, if  you are registered for Absa internet banking, you can link this account to your profile and be able to view the financing details and monitor the outstanding balance and transaction history.

To qualify for this Absa agreement, one needs to have a valid Identity number or passport number, proof of residence, employment details, banking details, details of the vehicle or other assets to be financed, summary of monthly income and expenses and details of insurance where applicable.

With Absa, access to vehicles or assets is now an easy process. Absa can be contacted on 0113504000 or 0860669669.

FNB business loans, taking care of your company

FNB business loans – In South Africa it is counted as one of the big four financial institutions and also one of the oldest in the country tracing its origins back to 1838. FNB has over the years grown and expanded into other African countries and diversified its service and product portfolio providing services for individuals and business entities. One product which has tremendously impacted on the world of business is the FNB business loan.
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Standard bank personal loan

Standard bank is a prime financial institution in South Africa and across the African continent. Established in 1863, this highly esteemed bank has stood the test of time providing a range of products and services both at business and individual level. One of the products leading the way for individuals is the Standard bank personal loan.
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Capitec bank personal loans online application

Personal loans – Capitec bank was established in 2001 with a vision of being a provider of simplified banking solutions to individual and corporate clients. To date Capitec has established branches in every city of the country totaling 589, with 5 million clients and shareholder funds of up to R9.1 billion. Capitecs bouquet of services is driven by simplicity, affordability, accessibility and personal service.
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Standard bank khula business loans

Khula business loans – Standard bank South Africa was established in 1863 as a subsidiary of the Standard bank in England. The longevity of this financial institution has seen it grow to be one of the industrys giants boasting of a skilled labour force of 53, 350 and total assets projected to be around US$201.9 billion. The strength of Standard bank can also be seen by its ability to operate in 32 countries around the world which includes 19 in Africa.
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