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Capitec Loans for Ordinary People- simple unsecured loans

Capitec Loans for Ordinary People- simple unsecured loans

Capitec is one of the fastest growing banking institutions in the South African financial market. It owes its success largely to a range of products and services which have been designed to specifically meet the unique needs of its expanding clientele. Over 6.2 million individuals have benefited from Capitec services. Some of these services include loans which may assist individuals meet their financial obligations such as paying for school fees, car repairs or even medical bills.

What are the benefits of Capitec Loans?

As an existing Capitec client, you are charged a lower interest rate on the loan

You have access to up to R200 000 maximum, which is much higher than what other institutions are willing to offer

Your repayment period is up to 84 months

The application process is simple and can be done online. This process details how much you will be loaned and for how long you will be loaned. Capitec will notify you upon receipt of your application.

You get free Credit Life Insurance if you decide to pay your loan within 6 to 8 months. Your loan will be repaid if you become ill and are unable to make payment or if your become permanently disabled. In the event of your death, this insurance will cover your debt.

Capitec Multi Loans give clients access to R4000 in finance, which is repayable within 31 days

Loans are unsecured, so there is no collateral required

Visit your nearest Capitec branch or log onto for more details about the best loan solution to suit your needs.




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